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Класифікація ДК 021:2015: 92510000-9 Послуги бібліотек і архівів (Послуги архіваріусів),проведення архівації,області: з особового складу-38 справ;постійного зберігання-8 справ; акт про виділення документів до знищення- за  1993-2018 роки в кількості- 20 позицій.

Комунальне підприємство електромереж зовнішнього освітлення м. Києва «Київміськсвітло»

ДК 021:2015:79990000-0 (послуги з науково-технічної обробки документів,)проведення архівації,області: з особового складу-131 справа;постійного зберігання-21 справа; акт про виділення документів до знищення за 2011-2018 роки в кількості- 35 позицій.

Спрощена закупівля, Прозоро


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Archive works

Ukrainian Archive Company offers services of documents storage from the liquidated enterprises. Accepting the documents of the liquidated organization for storage we follow the Law of Ukraine "On National Archival Fund and archival institutions" and "Rules of work of the archive subdivisions of public authorities, local self-government, enterprises, establishments and organizations" which ratified by the order of the State committee of archives of Ukraine from March, 16, 2001 № 16 and registered in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on May, 8, 2001 under № 407/5598.

The order of transmission and subsequent using documents after company liquidation is provided in order, other prescriptive act or decision on establishment liquidation. The documents transmission of the liquidated establishment is the duties of commission which created for the transmission of affairs and property. From purpose the liquidating commission gets all powers by administrative of entity affairs. Therefore at first it is necessary:

  • to arrange the transmission of organization's documents to liquidating commission with the transmission act with information about documents firstly about permanent storage and files of a personnel and also about the documents of temporal shelf-life;
  • to provide a liquidating commission must be do with documents. And decide on financing of these works. During a firm’s liquidation money for put in order, pre-schedule acceptance and subsequent storage of documents provide for in commission estimate which created for establishment reorganization or liquidation.

A liquidating commission must conclude a treaty on treatment, organization of documents, registration of them on the archival storage with the archive. In an agreement about an acceptance on storage of documents of the liquidated enterprise a condition must be provide conditions as for documents elimination of custodian organization after temporal shelf-life expiration. In addition this decision of liquidating commission must be envisaged in it administrative document.


  1. Adherence to norms of legislation of Ukraine.
  2. Consultations with the leading specialists of the archivalaffiar in Ukraine.
  3. Work with the state archives of Kyiv and Kyiv region.
  4. Low price of works for the archival processing of documents.
  5. Low price of services of documents storage.
  6. Decision of documents archiving of the liquidated enterprise once and for all.