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Класифікація ДК 021:2015: 92510000-9 Послуги бібліотек і архівів (Послуги архіваріусів),проведення архівації,області: з особового складу-38 справ;постійного зберігання-8 справ; акт про виділення документів до знищення- за  1993-2018 роки в кількості- 20 позицій.

Комунальне підприємство електромереж зовнішнього освітлення м. Києва «Київміськсвітло»

ДК 021:2015:79990000-0 (послуги з науково-технічної обробки документів,)проведення архівації,області: з особового складу-131 справа;постійного зберігання-21 справа; акт про виділення документів до знищення за 2011-2018 роки в кількості- 35 позицій.

Спрощена закупівля, Прозоро


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Client: Logistics company "DP Schenker" 

Objective: The organization, structuring, cataloging of accounting and personnel documents. Cancellation and destruction of documents with expired shelf life.

Solution: Ukrainian Archive Company has audited company’s available documentation. Were evaluated by the following factors: the number of full-time employees, the period for which the documents will be written off, the structure of the enterprise.

On the basis of the audit was determined the number of cases on staff, cases of permanent storage and cases for the cancellation.

Archivists of our company have been formed and bound, in accordance with the requirements of the law, personal files and cases of permanent storage. Selected and reviewed documents for the cancellation, was made up the Act for the cancellation and Inventories Affairs on staff and cases of permanent storage.

Acts and Inventories have been tested and certified by the State Archive.

In addition, was designed the structure for further document storage and compiled an inventory of all relevant documents, as well as a schematic layout of enterprise archive.

Result: Customer got rid of all written off documentation, there were released a large amount of office space from unnecessary documents. The rest of the company documentation was given in the proper form for storage and possible transmission to the State Archives. Was compiled an inventory of existing instruments that allowed to optimize business processes and reduce costs to seek and provide documentation.